According to a recent survey, 80% of businesses without a comprehensive IT security and recovery plan cease trading within 24 months of a major disaster.*

This alarming statistic is made even more disturbing by the fact that we live in a new digital age, where almost every member of staff has access to your organisation’s computer system. Yet many companies still go about their business oblivious to the risks that they face every single working day. The dangers posed by the digital era are real and the consequences potentially disastrous.

Protecting business in the digital age

Laptop network Security

It’s not just about the threat of digital disaster; there are legal and contractual obligations to protect customers’ data and at the very least boost customer confidence.

At Magenta Network Security, we specialise in creating end-to-end information security systems that protect and safeguard your computers and that all-important data.

We start by getting to know your business and IT set-up, we identify the potential risks and then deliver the necessary services in order to safeguard your systems. We offer a comprehensive list of security services, all of which can be found on our services page.

With Magenta Network Security as your partner, together we can virtually wipe out the threat of data loss and leakage.

Tried and trusted by the MOD and the UK Government

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We deliver a comprehensive, discreet service and as a result have been entrusted with the digital security for organisations with some of the most stringent security requirements in the world.

Magenta Network Security has many years of proven ability working for an impressive and enviable list of clients which includes: the Ministry of Defence, CSC, Symantec and the UK government.

*National Archives and Records Administration.